Show Your Smile Some Love: Five Ways to Protect Your Teeth on Valentine’s Day

Show Your Smile Some Love: Five Ways to Protect Your Teeth on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to celebrate and have a lot of candies. But are your teeth ready for that candy assault and overindulgence? The answer to that is NO because no matter how good oral care routine you maintain, your teeth are vulnerable to acid attack from all the candies that you consume. Even if you usually avoid candies, overindulging in them on one day can also lead to danger of cavities.

Follow these tips by dentist in NY 10598 to protect your teeth:

Limit your candy consumption

Haven’t you heard that ‘Moderation is the key’? The best to enjoy the candies while not harming your teeth is to have them in moderation. According to the dentist near Maple Hill Street, if you have a habit of munching something while working at your desk, keep the chocolates away so that you don’t eat them mindlessly. Remember that each time you have a candy; the teeth are under acid attack for 20 minutes.

Only eat candy directly after meals

When you have your meal the saliva production increases in your mouth. Saliva helps in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. When you eat candy after your food, the saliva will wash the sugar from your teeth for reducing the acid attack.

Avoid candy that could harm your dental crowns or bridges

If you have dental crowns or bridges, you must avoid hard candies or nuts covered in chocolates as they can chip or crack the porcelain or make them loose.

Be mindful of your braces or teeth straightening aligners

If you wear braces, you will have to avoid having sticky, hard or chewy candies as they break the wires or brackets. When wearing aligners, you need to remove them while eating and wear back only after brushing and flossing.

Remember to schedule your regular dental checkups

If you have had a lot of candies on the Valentine’s Day, you must go for a dental clean up to maintain optimum oral health and prevent cavities.