How to handle common dental emergencies this holiday season

How to handle common dental emergencies this holiday season

Holidays mean – family gatherings, loads of sweets and a lot of fun with our near and dear ones. That said, it also means that the physicians and the dental experts, might also be on a holiday. So, how should you react if you face a dental emergency this holiday season?

Do not worry. Dental experts from Maple Hill Family Dentistry have you covered. Here are a few dental emergencies people face during the holiday season, and temporary methods to handle them:

Missing fillings

One of the most common occurrences during the holiday season – are the dental fillings that go missing. This is usually a result of the binge eating or a ton of sweets or even a slightly carefree habit of eating.

It is highly recommended that you clean up your mouth, avoid the now empty area around the tooth from being touched and put extra care in maintaining your oral hygiene. Also, get an appointment with your dentist at the earliest.

Missing crown

If you have been wearing the dental crown for a quite some time, you will face sudden change in your chewing rhythm and might feel extraneous pressure on the tooth which earlier had the dental crown.

There is no need to panic here. First and foremost, let your personal dentist know about the missing crown and get the earliest appointment possible. Then, make sure you are not applying any pressure to the tooth. Also, avoid chewing with that tooth altogether.

Chipped or broken tooth

All the fun and celebration around the holidays can go off the window if you get your tooth chipped or you get a knocked out tooth.

In such cases – the first thing to do is stop the bleeding. Clean the mouth and put some cotton in place to absorb the blood. Do not remove the cotton till the blood is absorbed. In such cases, visit the dental experts as soon as possible.


It is highly unlikely, that your tooth will get infected in a day. You may discover the infection during the holidays. So, get in touch with your dentist and get a prescription for some pain relieving medicines.