Facts About Wisdom Teeth Removal You Should Know

Facts About Wisdom Teeth Removal You Should Know

Have you recently been told you may need your wisdom teeth extracted in Yorktown Heights, NY? Worried and wondering what exactly to expect? With advancements in dentistry, wisdom tooth removal is now more common and easy than ever. Today, Maple Hill Family Dentistry is going to cover wisdom tooth removal facts that every patient should know.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction is Common

Did you know that over 10,000,000 molars are extracted every single year? Wisdom tooth extractions are performed every single day and have become more effective, safe and comfortable than ever before. Feel free to schedule your wisdom tooth removal at Maple Hill Family Dentistry today!

Wisdom Tooth Complications Can Be Life Threatening

Wisdom teeth are the most common reasons for tooth extraction procedures due to the fact they often result in complications. Common complications include tooth pain, sensitivity and infection. These complications however can be more than just a toothache, impacted wisdom teeth can actually become severely infected (in certain situations even resulting in sepsis, an infection of the blood that can be deadly).

Wisdom Tooth Removal is Painless

During the wisdom tooth removal process, local anaesthetic and even sedation dentistry can be used to eliminate any pain or discomfort during the procedure. Following your wisdom tooth extraction in Yorktown Heights, we recommend taking your medication as prescribed to reduce any discomfort during the healing.

Problematic Wisdom Teeth Can Be Asymptomatic

Although wisdom teeth complications can be life threatening, certain patients experience no symptoms at all until the problem has advanced. It is important to visit your dentist to determine whether wisdom teeth are properly erupting or may need to be extracted professionally.

Schedule Your Yorktown Heights Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Experiencing problems with your wisdom teeth? Wondering if you may need wisdom tooth removal? Schedule a consultation with us today, we’d be happy to evaluate your smile and oral health to determine if wisdom teeth extraction in Yorktown Heights is right for you.